Well I’m half way through now and I must say I am noticing a difference, bear in mind that I’m still drinking tea and coffee normally (a lot of people try to maximise the whitening by drinking through a straw) …here are my results so far:

Before any applications:


After 4 applications:


After 5 applications:


5 more applications to go…I’m excited to see my new whiter smile!

Ttfn x

Teeth Whitening: 3rd application

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well so far so good, still no increased sensitivity, left the strip for 1 hour again, see the below pics for results:

Before any applications:


After 3 applications:


I can see a difference already but will wait to see if it’s worth the money after all 10!

Ttfn x

Hi guys, sorry there was no post yesterday, busy doing family stuff however today I did manage to apply the 2nd lot of whitening strips…here are the results (again I left the strips in place for 1 hour…still no discomfort or sensitivity!)

Pic 1: before any whitening
Pic 2: after 2nd application
Pic 3: shot of ‘white spots on lower teeth (this was not caused by the strips…I’ve always had them but they have started to whiten much more than the rest of the teeth)




So far so good!

Ttfn x

Hi guys, well here’s my before and after shot for my 1st application, reading the package the recommended time to leave the strips on is between 10-30 minutes however you can leave it up to a maximum of 2 hours for a ‘professional’ finish, I decided to try 1 hour this time (as I’m impatient and wanted to see results!).

The strips themselves were very easy to use, you just press them gel side down onto clean teeth and fold any excess over the backs of your teeth, I applied a little pressure in between the teeth to make sure the gel covered a good area.

The strips are super sticky and I didn’t have much trouble with them moving around…even at the hour mark! Bonus with these rather than the mouth guard is you can actually close your mouth comfortably whilst wearing them…drool is NOT a good look ;).

After 1 hour of pain free wear (felt a ‘minty’ type tingle but nothing uncomfortable) I removed the strips which we’re bonded pretty tightly to my teeth (please do not use if your teeth are loose at all!) I thoroughly cleaned my teeth to remove all gel and I did notice a slight improvement (remember this is only application 1 of 10!) the odd thing was the white marks I have on my lower teeth were super bright after, I didn’t get a pic of it this time but will do for the next post.

So far so good for this product, I have very sensitive teeth but experienced no discomfort during the whitening or after and I have had hot and cold drinks and snacks since!





Much love x

So sad I know but I’m really excited that my tooth whitening strips have arrived! I’ve heard such good things about these, now I don’t think that I have particularly stained teeth but due to my loving of tea coffee and red wine I thought it could certainly improve them!

I’m off out for a midwife appointment now but when I come back I’m going to try the first one (I have ten strips) going to use one a day (when I remember) and I will post before and after pictures and review the strips at each stage, I’m not under any obligation by Crest to endorse this product so rest assured my assessment will be honest!

See you when my smiles brighter!

Ttfn x


…just how much I love autumn.

After spending the best part of the day in the house feeling sorry for myself (I’m good at that) I decided to have a toddle to the shops to buy cake making bits and bobs to bake a treat for nick and me. I wrapped up in my long winter scarf and hat but kept the jacket fairly light (don’t want to ‘ruin the benefit’ come winter as my Nan used to say).

When I left the house it was dusk and I was wowed by all of the beautiful colours in the sky and on the trees and loving the sound of leaves crunching under foot. I kept taking deep breaths of the gorgeous crisp air (probably looking more than a little mad in the process) honestly so many things smell bad since I’ve been pregnant that I just didn’t want to take it for granted, sadly the smell was short lived as I neared the takeaway at the end of the road…instead of remembering how much I love autumn I remembered how much I love chow mien instead!

Well I’m back home now and am busy lighting candles to bring some of the autumn colour and scent indoors.

Hope you’re all enjoying the season so far!



Pity, in any form, I’ll totally take it.

Feeling so sorry for myself, thumb/wrists still being a pain, getting cold, deaf in one ear, dizzy, sickly, baby’s camping under my ribs, back hurts…think that’s about it, did I mention I’m sleepy? Oh forgetful too :(

Time to admit defeat and hit the hay, tomorrow’s another day and all that, anyway here’s a pic of rusty (my faithful teddy bear) and the bump, n’night all.